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Shanoah a posted Oct 31, 16

The leaders of the Hello Kitty channel communities created a guild to provide a RIft home for players who were primarily interested in (PvP) Conquest. Even though CQ is gone (for now), we stay together because we enjoy the game and have fun with each other!

Competitive Spirit - the desire to engage in pvp with a luster to annihilate your opponents
Integrity - not all means are necessary in your effort to subdue your enemies, do not resort to cheating or petty tactics
Honor - conduct yourself in a manner that reflects positively to those around you, alleviating yourself and us from being associated with malicious behavior and trolling
Rank - no requirement
Gear - no requirement

Flexibility - the classes have multiple roles that contribute to a pvp team, we try to maintain a guide or links for all of these. The more you have, the easier it is for us to put effective premades together
Improvement - there is always room for improvement. We seek to identify the little details that add up to each of us performing better.

Current Guild Leaders and Officers @Deepwood (February 2017)

Rgi - GM
Shenoah - GM
Bidston - GM


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ShanoahHello Kitty is now on Discord! Send a tell in game to shenoah@deepwood for an invitation.
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